Piping Design and Drafting Services

Edanbrook provides tube design, engineering, and analysis services to industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical/biomedical, HVAC, aerospace, construction, mining, marine, and municipal. Many experienced professionals provide excellent service for solving complex plumbing and distribution problems. They are well-versed in design, analysis, and plumbing codes to help you achieve the functionality you need when designing tubing.

The product is tried and tested for the best results when it enters the final stages. A comprehensive strength analysis was performed to test the load-bearing capacity, and future reconfigurations were considered if necessary. The final design will be approved after passing the stress and flexibility analysis. We also provide a 2D/3D tube layout for better understanding.


Our core expertise

  • We provide a complete piping design along the brief, including 2D/3D layouts, concepts, and material types.
  • Conceptual layouts and detailed sketches are provided.
  • 3D modelling of pipes for better understanding to ensure seamless interface with existing structures.
  • Pipe stress and flexibility analysis
  • Ensure pipe safety and reliability by monitoring various naturally occurring temperatures, vibrations, and stresses. Also, study the pipe network and design for the worst possible future load scenarios.
  • Once the frame is ready, we will suggest the type, quality and quantity of materials best suit your design.
  • A team of experienced process, piping, and mechanical engineers ensures the best results. We give our clients the flexibility to choose which form of advanced software they want to use for their designs.