Integrity Management

Edanbrook is dedicated to moral commercial enterprise behaviour. It consists of both inner conduct and our engagement with clients and the community.

We have a hooked-up Integrity Management System. At its core sits an Integrity Management Policy and Integrity Management Guidelines. The pivotal element of our method of integrity is zero tolerance toward unethical or unacceptable enterprise conduct.

We count on our partners and clients' commitment to moral enterprise behaviour.


Our commitment to ethical business behaviour means that:

  • Compliance with the law is fundamental, even in the face of contrary generic nearby enterprise practices or customs.
  • We compete pretty for our commissions based on quality, charge and progressive services, not by using presenting mistaken benefits to others. We compete pretty for our commissions based on quality, charge, and progressive services, not by presenting mistaken benefits to others. No Edanbrook representative may additionally at once or in a roundabout way offer, promise, grant or authorize the giving of cash or something else of cost to purchaser and authorities officers to have an effect on reliable action or attain an unsuitable advantage. Facilitation costs are no longer acceptable.


  • All charitable donations should be transparent and documented, including the recipient's identity and confirmation that it was used for the meant purpose. We no longer make direct political contributions, including donations to politicians, events, or candidates.
  • Developing and maintaining consumer relationships is quintessential to sustainable business. By nature, these relationships can encompass opportunities for amusement and gifts. Gifts and entertainment have to be sufficiently modest so that they should now not be regarded as trying to create an enterprise obligation. Offerings must additionally comply with applicable legal guidelines and consider local customs.
  • All transactions and repayments ought to be transparent and capable of standing the scrutiny of an audit.


  • Our people are expected to make business decisions in the first-rate pastimes of Edanbrook and our clients rather than primarily based on their non-public interests. Any plausible conflict of recreation needs to be disclosed.
  • The security of our human beings and those around us is paramount, as is protecting the surroundings from harm. We keep a working environment consistent with Edanbrook's core values and legislative requirements. We will not tolerate any abuse of human rights, any form of discrimination, or the use of child labour.
  • We foster an open surrounding where all our people can file any suspected, fraudulent, or different incorrect exercise except for fear of reprisal.
  • We will cooperate fully with external organizations investigating corrupt practices inside criminal parameters.