Electrical Design and Drafting

Edanbrook offers exclusive MEP electrical design and drafting services as part of its MEP engineering portfolio. The MEP engineering team specialize in electrical system planning, layout design, and safety recommendations. The electrical engineering team at Edanbrook has years of first-hand experience evaluating MEP systems, which aids in detecting clashes between electrical lines and plumbing, firefighting, or mechanical systems. Please email us to learn more about electrical design, layout services, and pricing models, and one of Edanbrook's experienced project managers will contact you within one business day.


MEP Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Layout Designing
Edanbrook's electrical layout designing service includes creating and evaluating schematic layouts, conduit designs, interior/exterior electric circuit plans, and electrical wiring, among other things.

Audit of Industrial MEP Systems
Edanbrook, with a skilled and experienced team of electrical engineers, offers to audit existing MEP systems or electrical circuit drawings and recommend necessary changes under global safety guidelines.


Electrical Repair and Maintenance Plan
Edanbrook's electrical repair and maintenance guidelines provide detailed checklists for scheduled caretaking in a commercial or industrial infrastructure where the electrical and mechanical systems run day and night.

Energy Conservation Design
Edanbrook provides electrical layout designs that use the least amount of energy possible. Edanbrook engineers also recommend changes in electrical equipment or positions to maximize energy conservation.