Connection Design

Edanbrook designs structural steel for pre-engineered structures and commercial, industrial, and residential projects. For structural steel design, our team uses Limcon, IDEA, StatiCa, Mathcad, and Manual Calculation, among others, to deliver a wide range of services to clients and can work with any platform the client chooses. Our experienced team and track record demonstrates that we are one of the global leaders in our industry. Edanbrook has completed residential, commercial, and industrial structural steel projects. We are experts in high-rise buildings, airports, hangars, bridges, concert halls, stadiums, equipment supports, materials handling and processing systems (for mining sectors), and offshore platforms are among our specialties (for Oil and Gas sectors). We are familiar with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), National Institute of Steel Construction (NISD), AWS, CISC, OSHA, British Standards (BS & BCSA), and Australian Standards. We operate globally and are well-versed in international design standards and member profiles. Our designs are optimized for material efficiency and delivered in a shorter time frame, lowering project costs.


What we do

The Edanbrook team believes in keeping some details in-house. We details over 100,000 tonnes of steel per year, with the bulk of projects requiring in-house connection engineering designs. This required the design team to not only understand the nitty-gritty of the AISC rules, but also to be able to discuss possible disputes or erectability difficulties with the engineer of record in order to resolve them. This capacity of the connection engineering team has helped the fabricator avoid potential delays or costly field concerns.