Our 3D Structural Modeling Outsourcing Services range from engineering drawing creation to comprehensive 3D model creation in CAD and BIM for large-scale and cost-effective collaboration with architects, MEP engineers, and steel manufacturers. The models Improve visualization and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. Our drafters and detailers work with the design office to provide accurate 2D and 3D drawings and 3D structural models to meet the needs of smooth design communication and BIM implementation.


What we do

Engineers who want to "see" the final structure, product or part during the design process turn to 3D modelling. Yet many architects and engineers using 3D modelling need help to list all the benefits of 3D modelling, including benefits beyond the design stage.


Hopper Bottom (Fluid Bed) Salient Features

  • With user-friendly pipe routing, 3D CAD modelling helps streamline iterations. Combining the advanced capabilities of 3D CAD software with engineering and drafting input, complete 3D piping with correct connections is created from drawn paths using additional components and connection settings.
  • 3D CAD modelling software supports efficiency in critical areas of plant design. It enables the owner, operator, and his EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) firm to visualize the completed asset better and make informed, data-driven decisions and forecasts.


  • 3D CAD modelling allows designers to use their resources better by eliminating manual, time-consuming design aspects. Designers can also visualize all components in 3D during the early design stages and change/edit them on the fly as needed.
  • Owners, operators, and EPC firms are under intense pressure to meet global requirements in a challenging and competitive environment.
  • 3D modelling in engineering improves data management, enabling better organization and management of engineering resources and documents. You can standardize details and design techniques, automate processes, and enhance output speed.