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Precision in every line with our Shop Drawing & Drafting Services in Australia

At Edanbrook, we understand that precision is key when it comes to transforming ideas into reality. Our Shop Drawing & Drafting Services in Australia are tailored to meet the highest standards of accuracy, leaving no room for compromise.

Detailing Engineering

Crafting Excellence in Structural Steel Design and Detailing Services in Australia

We specialize in the art and science of structural steel design and detailing Services. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to crafting excellence in every project, ensuring precision at every stage. With a focus on unmatched strength and durability, we bring innovative solutions to the forefront of structural engineering.


Unlocking Excellence in 3D Modelling & Construction Design Services in Australia

Imagine your dream building or space. We make it real with awesome 3D designs and plans. If you're in Australia, we're here to help make your ideas come to life!


Make Your Structures Awesome with Our Connection Design Services in Australia.

Discover superior Connection Design Services in Australia. We specialize in creating strong links for your structures, ensuring durability and reliability. Elevate your projects with us!




Whether you need Point Cloud Scan, Point Cloud Modeling, Electrical Drafting, Connection Design, DXF Drawing, Design and Drafting, Mechanical Drafting, Offshore Structural Detailing, Piping Design, Structural Steel Detailing, Structural Drafting, Material Take-off and Estimation, Quantity Survey or Shop Drawings, we're your one-stop solution provider.

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Your Trusted Partner for 3D Construction, Engineering Modeling, Shop Drawing, Steel Design & Detailing Services

Hello from the Edanbrook family! We're excited to invite you to a world of amazing innovation and accuracy in digital engineering. At Edanbrook, we don't just imagine buildings; we carefully create them in the digital world. We bring architectural dreams to life using advanced 3D modeling, careful steel design, and complete digital engineering solutions. At Edanbrook, we don't just talk about excellence; we live it daily. It's not just a saying for us; it's how we work.

Join us on a journey where we combine creativity with the latest technology. Together, let's create a future that not only has big dreams but also turns them into reality. Our expertise spans a wide range of digital engineering services, from Construction Modeling and Fabrication Drawing to Building Information Management and beyond. We've mastered the art of shaping digital structures with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your projects are brought to life with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

3D Construction, Engineering Modeling, Shop Drawing, Steel Design & Detailing Services in Australia | Edanbrook

Comprehensive Digital Engineering Services

Connection Design

We're all about innovative connection design for structural steel in diverse projects. We use fancy tools for flexibility on any platform. As global leaders, we've rocked high-rises, airports, bridges, and more. We stick to international standards, optimizing designs for efficiency and ensuring cost-effective, timely delivery.

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Offshore Engineering Excellence

We're the go-to peeps for designing diverse offshore units in Oil and Gas, Marine, Renewable Energy, and Defense sectors. From dreamy conceptual studies to speedy delivery using cutting-edge tools, we tailor solutions to make your project shine.

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Precast Concrete Detailing Services

Our expert team nails accurate planning and drafting for precast structures. Whether it's residential or industrial, we use cutting-edge software to sketch out detailed plans for beams, columns, walls, slabs, stairs, and more. Trust us for workshop and assembly drawings – the real deal for manufacturing and installation.

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Rebar Modeling & Detailing

Our cost-effective approach to forming structures with reinforced concrete is a game-changer for commercial and residential projects. Our structural engineers crunch the numbers for precise calculations on size, spacing, and layers. Edanbrook delivers expert rebar detailing, guaranteeing smiles from our customers.

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BIM Services

Our skilled team crafts accurate digital representations of structural designs using BIM software. This isn't just about efficiency – it's about saving time and costs, seamlessly integrating with other building systems. Welcome to the future of construction with our Structural BIM services.

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Cloud Point Scan Processing

Optimize your construction projects with our Cloud Point Scan Processing magic. We're pros at turning 3D laser-scanned point clouds into Tekla-ready models, making design applications precise and efficient. Trust our Takeoff Professionals (TOPS) for swift and accurate data processing.

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Electrical Design and Drafting

Explore exclusive MEP electrical design and drafting services at Edanbrook. Our expert team dives into meticulous planning, layout design, and safety recommendations. Shoot us an email for details and pricing and expect a response from our experienced project managers within one business day.

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Mechanical Design and Drafting

Experience the full shebang of mechanical CAD drawing services with Edanbrook. From basic to intricate mechanical parts and assembly drawings, we've got you covered. Speed up your project timelines with our efficient drafting service.

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Quantity Survey Services

We're all about meticulous Quantity Survey services, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in project cost estimation. Our experienced team delivers detailed quantity assessments, making your decision-making process a breeze. Trust Edanbrook for reliable Quantity Survey solutions that pave the way for your project's success.

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Fabrication Drawing Services

Edanbrook is your go-to for precise Fabrication Drawing services. Our experienced team whips up detailed and accurate drawings for seamless manufacturing processes. Trust us for reliable and quality-driven Fabrication Drawing solutions that kick your fabrication projects up a notch.

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DXF Drawing Services

We're in the business of professional DXF drawing services. Our skilled team delivers accurate and high-quality drawings for your projects. Precision is our middle name, meeting the unique needs of your design and fabrication processes. Choose Edanbrook for reliable DXF drawing solutions that add that extra oomph to your projects.

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Pressure Vessel Design Services

We're the pros when it comes to expert Pressure Vessel Design services. Our dedicated team dives into meticulous design, sticking to industry standards and safety regulations. Trust us for precise and reliable Pressure Vessel Design solutions that meet the highest quality standards, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your projects.

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Why Choose Edanbrook ?

Pioneering Technological Solutions

Edanbrook pioneers precision in structural design using leading technologies like Tekla, Prosteel, Revit, ensuring unmatched excellence in construction projects.

Holistic Expertise

Our multidisciplinary team, including engineers, fabricators, and civil experts, ensures top-notch project results, setting us apart in the industry.

Decades of Proven Experience

With 15 years of global project experience, Edanbrook relies on a wealth of knowledge and skilled experts to proficiently manage your entire project. Our proven expertise sets us apart.

Global Footprint

Edanbrook's global reach enables 24/7 support, leveraging offices worldwide to seamlessly address tight schedules and proactively handle potential delays.

Confidence in Costs

Edanbrook guarantees accurate upfront cost estimates, minimizing delays and ensuring transparency throughout your project.

Timely Delivery Assurance

Edanbrook ensures timely project completion by employing efficient, error-avoidant methods in design, accelerating the construction start and guaranteeing on-time delivery.

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Our Portfolio


Building Type: KWUP balance of plant engineering & design


Project Description

The Kwinana plant will use cutting-edge cement production technology projects to produce a lower-carbon footprint product than the existing operations. Edanbrook contributes to the project by working on the steel detailing (3D-Modelling). The initiative also seeks to optimize the clinker material handling process and, once fully operational, to reduce heavy vehicle movements in the company's WA operations.

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Building Type: Alabama Power - J9 Field Training Building

Location : Location -USA

Project Description

Alabama Power is a company dedicated to providing reliable and affordable energy to its customers. Edanbrook was brought on board to assist with the engineering detailing. We released the approved package without a hitch. The Client authorized our package without any issues. We successfully finished the entire Fabrication package to the Client's specifications.

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Building Type: Pearl River Travel Resort Plaza


Project Description

The Pearl River Travel Resort Plaza project is set to become a game-changer in the Philadelphia hospitality industry. This ambitious project is a joint venture between the Pearl River United Group and the Philadelphia-based Dranoff Properties, and it promises to deliver a world-class resort experience to visitors from all over the world.

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Building Type: Mt Kynoch Water Treatment Plant


Project Description

This Project consisted of an Offshore building and the scope of work included the detailing of two (front and rear) light tower structures. At the end of project tenure, our teams shared a final coordinated Tekla model with elimination of clashes whatsoever along with GA and steel fabrication drawings. Because of this partnership, the client could carry smooth fabrication of steel, installation, and erection of steel supports at the site.

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Building Type: Raising Cane's Restaurant

Location : PLANO

Project Description

Raising Cane's is a Baton Rouge, LA-based restaurant company known for its great crew, excellent culture, and active community involvement. Our client worked with Raising Cane's on a 2020 multi-phase development for the Dallas-area support office, including building expansion, interior renovation, a parking garage, courtyard, and test kitchen. Edanbrook contributed to the project by working on the fabrication and steel detailing drawings.

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Building Type: 3DC-RTIO


Project Description

Our Client plans to upgrade an existing mine facility by installing a new duct route and a steel building. Edanbrook Was brought on board to provide the detailed engineering and fabrication drawings. The technical team originally had problems while collecting inputs and had to deal with technical concerns, but they effectively overcame the obstacle because of their domain expertise. We delivered accurate structural drawings to our client.

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Building Type: Gas processing train circular platform


Project Description

Aramco has undertaken a $3.5 Billion project to build a greenfield plant to process unconventional gas from the Jafurah onshore field. The development of the Jafurah unconventional gas field is one of the most ambitious projects in Aramco’s history. Edanbrook is involved in the structural detailed engineering for steel circular and rectangular platforms. Covering an area of approximately 17,000 km2, the Jafurah basin presented a unique opportunity to build a large-scale project that aims to contribute to the energy transition.

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Building Type: High-Grade plant escape tunnel LOD 300


Project Description

HIGH-GRADE PLANTESCAPETUNNEL is a challenging project. Our client plans to upgrade an existing mine facility by installing a new duct route and a steel building. The input came in the form of a point cloud model. And for the LOD 300 stage, we have a one-week lead time. All steel constructions, mechanical and plumbing, and plate work are included.

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Building Type: Alpha Chi Omega- Starkville, MS Project


Project Description

Alpha Chi Omega, one of the largest sororities in the United States, is known for its dedication to philanthropy and community service. Recently, the Starkville chapter of Alpha Chi Omega launched an exciting new project that is capturing people's attention nationwide. Edanbrook assisted with 3D modeling and fabrication drawings.

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Edanbrook’s greatest strengths versus other solutions I’ve used is the quality at unbeatable price, simplicity and ease of customization of their service packages
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Thank you Edanbrook for helping us with the project controls requirements at such a short notice. We managed to meet the deadline.
Damir Kadic
Benang Energy Australia Pty Ltd

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Precast Concrete Detailing Services

Our expert team nails accurate planning and drafting for precast structures. Whether it's residential or industrial, we use cutting-edge software to sketch out detailed plans for beams, columns, walls, slabs, stairs, and more. Trust us for workshop and assembly drawings – the real deal for manufacturing and installation.

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